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Room terminal control controller

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Product Details:

Model NO. RGK-24-D RGK-24-P
Size 492*300*110mm
Output Voltage AC 85~265V/DC24V
Control method Dry contact
Number of chamber lift valves 2
Communication Profibus-DP Profinet
Number of switching inputs 4DI(NO)Passive input
Number of analog inputs 4-20mA,Measurement accuracy 12 bits
Number of output valves 24
Material 304 Stainless steel/carbon steel

General type:
24-channel switching output to control the pulse valve and poppet valve in this chamber. Control of the control terminal, including adjustment of parameters, can be realized through the upper computer.
Feedback type:
The control terminal with feedback function, in addition to the 24-channel switching output, also collects the analog signals of differential pressure, status of the poppet valve, pressure switch of the air bag, dust concentration, etc., and communicates with the upper PLC through the field bus interface.
Economic type :
Taking Siemens S7-300 as an example, to realize the control of 300 pulse valves and poppet valves, only 12 room control terminals and one low configuration main PLC are needed, and the cost of PLC control for each point is about 20USD.



Top 10 Features
Wide voltage input: The control terminal supports AC 85- 500V wide voltage input to meet the needs of multiple scenarios.

Quick installation: After connecting the valve line to the terminal on site, a power supply and communication line are interconnected to the PLC of the main station.

Convenient debugging: short-circuit protection for each circuit, digital tube display valve fault, and point check button at the side of the machine, convenient debugging and maintenance.

Multi-bus control: optional communication with PROFINET master and PRO-FIBUS-DP master devices.

Rich interface: terminal 2AI, 3DI, 3DO interface, differential pressure transmitter, dust concentration meter, lift valve feedback, etc. can be the terminal can be accessed nearby.

No voltage drop DC output: Equipped with AC-DC power supply inside the machine to ensure no voltage drop and stable voltage output for valve working voltage.

Valve fault detection: When the valve has a short circuit or a broken circuit, the system automatically cuts off the valve output and reports the fault, while other valve outputs are not affected.
The output of other valves is not affected.

Dual-mode networking: The terminal supports dry contact hard-wired networking, and automatically switches hard-wired networking when the bus communication is abnormal, and reports the communication the terminal supports hard-connected network, and automatically switches hard-connected network when the bus communication is abnormal, and reports the communication error.

Outdoor installation: The terminal adopts waterproof shell structure and can be used directly in outdoor and dusty environment with waterproof connectors.

Non-stop transformation: single chamber offline cleaning function, independent setting of cleaning parameters, to realize system non-stop transformation.

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