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All service lies in action. And action is what we can do for you and what we will do for you. We have been doing it for you with all our heart

Design Services

We can provide you with conceptual, preliminary, detailed and as-built drawings as well as rough or detailed cost estimates, as long as you tell us the environment and some data. Preliminary work and supervision of the project during construction

Installation Training

We provide installation tutorial videos and can come on-site to train you on installation if required. Full engineering and technical expertise throughout the design and build process Helps you protect workers and imporve your bottom line

Maintenance And Repair

Periodically we will remind you to schedule maintenance of your air filtration system Maintenance and repair of ducts, dust collectors, air filters, filter bags, valves, etc. We can provide parts if necessary, free of charge within the limits of affordability.

Spare Parts Supply

We have all kinds of spare parts for the whole dust removal system, you can contact us at any time if there is any problem in the process of use, and we will arrange to send them to you at the first time.

Free Samples

We believe in our ability, our quality, if you are not sure about us, we can provide free samples for you to test


Whether it is dust removal equipment, pulse valves, filter bags, skeletons, controllers, etc., just tell us your requirements and we will customize it for you.

Pulse valve Working Process


Die Casting

Die casting with new aluminum ingots.Use the right machine



We will deburr each product after die casting to ensure the product is more round and smooth.



Sandblasting protects the product, which can be better protected in the later machining process


Machine Processing

Machining is our core and one of our strengths, making the product more accurate and better air tightness


Anti-oxidation treatment

Anti-oxidation treatment is our core advantage, many factories are not able to achieve such processing treatment, which is better able to protect the product in the harsh environment use



Assemble all the parts on the assembly line



We test each product before packaging



The use of foam packaging, we will continue to improve the follow-up, with a more environmentally friendly way to packaging



We also conduct random inspections before the products leave the factory

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A pulse valve is an electro-pneumatic valve used in pulse-jet baghouse dust collectors to control the flow of compressed air pulses that clean the dust filters.

A pulse jet valve uses a combination of air pressure and electrical signals to open and close a diaphragm, allowing compressed air to pulse through a nozzle and clean the dust filter bags.

A pneumatic diaphragm valve uses a flexible diaphragm to control the flow of fluid or gas through the valve by using compressed air to move the diaphragm up and down.


A dust collector valve is a type of pulse valve used in industrial dust collectors to control the flow of compressed air pulses that clean the dust filters.


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