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Let our rich experience experts help your personnel learn how to properly maintain and operation your dust collection systems! With our help your staff will see improvements in effciency, operation and capacity while decreasing costs and unexpected downtime.

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We have been designing dust collection systems for decades, and our experience is our strength. With our respect and responsibility for the environmental protection industry, craftsmanship and heritage, we focus on the field of industrial fume and dust management and intellectual quality. We will continue to plow deep and extend moderately, and innovate continuously to provide customers with efficient and energy-saving solutions


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Pluse Valves are designed to eliminate wasteful air emissions. By trapping air from your dust collection system in the valve, it prevents the air from escaping through your dust collector when the collector is not in operation.



Reegaa offers a one-stop service for all filtration needs.Re-usable cost effective, if used properly will last for years. Widely used for industrial process filtration.


Pulse cleaning controller can effectively control dust collection bag filter for a long time in a low pressure state so as to reduce dust/chip adhesion on the bag filter surface and extend the service life of bag filter.


This cage uses the advanced hot-melt technology to weld the vertical and horizontal wire. The jointing method of bag bottom, side and collar ring all are hot-melt welded, that can avoid the pinholes from seam filter bag, so it has obvious advantages on using of filter bag and dust collecting efficiency.

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Our factory mainly provides component parts services for manufacturers in cement industry, gas turbine applications, steel industry, food industry and smoke exhaust applications

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Manufactured to automotive standard, ISO and TS 16949 audit,more equipment friendly.

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Medium to large scale manufacturer, multiple production lines, one-stop solution.


Reegaa pulse valves are also designed for extreme applications. They are built to handle corrosive media, high temperatures, pressures and resistance to wear and corrosion.

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The services we do far exceed the expectations of our customers, not only products, but also our integrity and honesty.


Help you customize key actuation components for your own equipment with no minimum orde

Why we exist?

Clean air is not a luxury. We firmly believe that clean air in the workplace, at home or elsewhere in the world is a basic human right. That's why we produce a wide range of dust collectors. The health and well-being of human beings cannot be achieved without clean air. That's why we do our best to remove harmful dust. Do what we can for the human living environment. I hope everyone can live a healthy and happy life.

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Very good partner, reasonable price, very good quality and reliable service. The key is the handling of product details and strict requirements that I admire and increase my confidence in our project. It is one of the most perfect factories I have ever seen in terms of production process, worthy of cooperation
Purchase manager
I was shocked when I visited the factory in 2019, I observed every production process from raw materials to finished products, and it was one of the most in place factories I had ever seen in terms of details, I was very relieved to sign the contract on the spot, and also signed the marketing agent. The result of the product did not let us down!
I am very interested in this company's professionalism, design professionalism, production professionalism and sales professionalism, and the whole cooperation process is very comfortable and smooth.
Robin B. Suarez
President & CEO at Spraxxx

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