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About Us

Reegaa is a supplier of industrial dust collection systems. Our reputation throughout the industry is largely attributed to manufacturing each ancillary product to automotive standards, providing the utmost precision for each project. We leverage our technical and management experience to provide a wide range of baghouse products and services that help our customers optimize their operations and reduce costs to get the most out of their investment


Professional and Expert Dust Collection Products Contractor

As a major member of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association Baghouse Dust Collector Professional Committee, Reegaa electromagnetic pulse valve, our company specializes in the production of pulse valves, pulse timers, filter bags, filter cages, filter elements, venturi tubes, joints, compressed air tanks, and other dust collector baghouse components. Reegaa adheres to manufacturing pulse valves to automotive standards. When you invest in a dust collector system with us, you can rest assured that you are not only getting the best dust collector, you are also investing in the future. We would be honored to work with you and use our dust collector system designs to set you up for success for years to come. We have a strong design team and technical team to customize your system and patent it to protect our intellectual property.

Our Core Values

We integrate R&D, production and sales as one company, providing one-stop service for the convenience of our customers, improving efficiency, reducing costs and maximizing revenue

Research and Development

The company introduces international advanced design solutions and sophisticated processing and testing equipment, with more than 20 professional technicians, the performance and quality of products are higher than similar products.

Machine Processing

With the professional level and mature technology in the field of machining, we have achieved the most accurate precision for the machining of all our products, the details determine the quality and the products are valuable in the details.

Anti-oxidation treatment

The special nature of dust removal products are often used in harsh environments, so the requirements of the products are also very high, we do antioxidant treatment for products exposed to air, according to different environments to do different processes to ensure the life of our products.

Our Mission

We are constantly optimizing our dust removal systems and air quality through innovation.

Our Vision

Improving air quality for everyone and creating a green planet.

Our Values

Integrity, collaboration, hard work, innovation.

Our facilities

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