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pulse control valve controller timer

Additional information

Rated Input Voltage


Rated Output Voltage


Rated Output Current


Power Consumption

≤8W (Pulse duration and interval are within the specifed range)

Adjustable Range of Output Pulse duration

0.01~0.99 Sec

Adjustable Range of Output Pulse Interval

1~99 Sec

Adjustable Bagrang of cycle interral

0 ~99 min

Input Signal of Pressure Differential

Switch contact

Working Environment

-25℃~+55℃The relative humidity should be not more than 85%
No serious corrosive gas or conductive dust
No violent shock or impact

Product Details:

Model NO. Output Digit Number to Control Electromagnetic Pulse Valve Size
QHK-FB-12D 12 1~12 400*300*150mm
QHK-FB-20D 20 1~20 400*300*150mm
QHK-FB-30D 30 1~30 400*300*150mm
QHK-FB-48D 48 1~48 400*300*150mm
QHK-FB-72D 72 1~72 400*300*150mm

System Overview

Explosion-proof controller mainly uses explosion-proof housing to achieve the purpose of explosion-proof.
●1. Explosion-proof pulse control instruments use integrated circuits to improve the stability and reliability of the product;
●2. The explosion-proof pulse controller adopts a fully sealed explosion-proof housing with beautiful appearance and dustproof and explosion-proof;
●3. The wiring position and pulse controller installation holes are reasonably designed to facilitate on-site wiring and installation.
●4. The output side of the explosion-proof controller is equipped with the working indication of each output point, which can quickly determine the status of the output point.
● 5. The explosion-proof pulse controller outputs electrical signals to control the pulse valve to blow the dust one by one according to the set dust cleaning parameters.

●6. Explosion-proof pulse controller products are more intuitive and simple to operate, with more stable performance.

Widely used in the kiln, cement kiln, mining and other industries in the dust removal and ash cleaning system.


The controller can be customized according to your needs, welcome customization.


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