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Customized Programmable pulse controller pulse valve controller

Additional information

Rated Input Voltage


Rated Output Voltage


Rated Output Current


Power Consumption

≤8W (Pulse duration and interval are within the specifed range)

Adjustable Range of Output Pulse duration

0.01~0.99 Sec

Adjustable Range of Output Pulse Interval

1~99 Sec

Adjustable Bagrang of cycle interral

0 ~99 min

Input Signal of Pressure Differential

Switch contact

Working Environment

-25℃~+55℃The relative humidity should be not more than 85%
No serious corrosive gas or conductive dust
No violent shock or impact

Product Details:

Model NO. Output Digit Number to Control Electromagnetic Pulse Valve Size
RGK-ZC-12D 12 1~12 270*220*78mm
RGK-ZC-20D 20 1~20 270*220*78mm
RGK-ZC-30D 30 1~30 270*220*78mm
RGK-ZC-12A 12 1~12 270*220*78mm
RGK-ZC-20A 20 1~20 270*220*78mm
RGK-ZC-30A 30 1~30 270*220*78mm
RGK-LC-12D 12 1~12 270*220*78mm
RGK-LC-20D 20 1~20 270*220*78mm
RGK-LC-30D 30 1~30 270*220*78mm
RGK-LC-12A 12 1~12 270*220*78mm
RGK-LC-20A 20 1~20 270*220*78mm
RGK-LC-30A 30 1~30 270*220*78mm

The core control of this controller is implemented by the microcontroller, which realizes key parameter setting, digital display and cycle interval, pulse interval and pulse width control, and controls ash cleaning operation according to the “stop/run” signal. The output of each output controls the opening of electromagnetic pulse valve and blows compressed air to clear the dust, while the light-emitting diode shows the blowing sequence. The controller is fully functional and easy to operate.


The controller can be customized according to your needs, welcome customization.

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