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A wall connector consists of an aluminum alloy cast part, stainless punched part and rubber part and is for the connection of inner and outer pipe of airtight containers such as the connection between the blowing tube of pulse jet bag-house and rectangular pulse valve (batten wall mounted) and between submerged electromagnetic pulse valve and outlet pipe (head tank mounted). It can be reliably fixed and sealed without welding and is convenient for installation and maintenance.

Bag Thimbles

Die cast from aluminous alloy. It is used in improving pulse jet baghouse and making bag installation and renewal easy


Die cast from aluminous alloy, it is used in pulse jet baghouse while leading the blow air source to clean the bag.

Blow Tubes

Made of steel tube, it can distribute blow air source into each filter bag in one line.

Bag Caps

Made of steel sheet (common carbon steel, stainless steel) by punching. It is used to hang and seal the internal filtration ring bag.


Made of steel coil (common carbon steel, stainless steel) by punching, the clamp is used to fix and seal the ring bag.

Tube Sheets

It is made from steel sheet and used to fix and seal the filtration component.

Spring Assemblys

Made of hooker, chains, spring. The spring assembly is used to suspend ring bag on beam of collector and keep the bag in certain tension. Different specifications are available for selection.


Customized connectors of different sizes are available

Professionally produced standardized accessories bring convenience and benefits to the manufacture, use and maintenance of baghouse dust collectors

The connector is composed of aluminum alloy die casting, thin plate cold punching parts and rubber parts, which can be fixed and reliably sealed without welding, and is easy to install and service.


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