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Import German bag filter black rubber diaphrogm for pulse valve


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Import German Rubber




5 years or one million blows



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Rubber diapgragm


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The pulse valve diaphragm is like the heart of a person, it plays a critical role, if it is damaged it will affect the operation of the pulse valve. So it is important to say that pulse valve diaphragm is very important.
Pulse valve diaphragm characteristics: electromagnetic pulse valve is a pulse baghouse dust cleaning system blowing gas “switch” and the valve body diaphragm is one of the normal operation of the accessories.
Electromagnetic pulse valve diaphragm is introduced from abroad is the compressed air “switch” of the dust cleaning and blowing system of the pulse bag filter, controlled by the output signal of the pulse blowing controller, blowing the dust bag by row to clean the dust, so that the resistance of the dust collector is kept within the set range to ensure the handling capacity and dust collection efficiency of the dust collector.
The correct use of electromagnetic pulse valve can extend the service life and greatly reduce the production cost, so the correct use of electromagnetic pulse valve is very important, what are the precautions for the correct use of electromagnetic pulse valve?
1, in combustible gases or vapors and air to form an explosive mixture of places, or media for flammable, explosive oils and gases, explosion-proof solenoid valve should be used.
2, the viscosity of the medium shall not exceed the range of use, electromagnetic pulse valve is generally applicable to the kinematic viscosity <21mm / S of water, gas, steam, weak acids, weak alkalis, oils and other media.
Weak alkali, oil and other media.
3, when the coil is charged, it is strictly prohibited to crawl cover, take down, to prevent overheating burn.
4、Before disassembling the valve from the pipeline connection, drain the pressure and cut off the power supply.


Pulse valve consists of solenoid valve, small valve body, large valve body, small diaphragm, spring, large diaphragm, the valve body material is alloy aluminum.

The diaphragm divides the EMP valve into two chambers: the front and the back. When the compressed air enters the back chamber through the throttle hole, the pressure of the back chamber presses the diaphragm against the output port of the valve, and the pulse valve is in the “closed” state.

Pulse blowing control instrument electrical signal disappears, electromagnetic pulse valve armature reset, after the gas chamber bleed hole closed, after the gas chamber pressure rises so that the diaphragm close to the valve outlet, electromagnetic pulse valve and in the “closed” state.

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