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all media custom dust removal sleeve bag flour polyester ptfe nylon aramid fabric pp bag filters for cement dust collector


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External consideration type:120,130,152,200
Internal consideration type:180,250,300


External consideration type:2000,2400,2800,3200,3600,4000,4400,4800,5200,5600,6000
Internal consideration type:6000,8000,10000,12000


External consideration type:Pulse blowing baghouse dust collector
Internal consideration type:Separate chamber reverse blow baghouse dust collector

Product Details:

The filter bag is the key component that determines the dust removal efficiency and working temperature of the bag filter, and the replacement of the bag is the main maintenance cost of the bag filter. Therefore, the working life of the filter bag is related to the operating status and cost of the dust collector.

Our filter bags comply with:

1.Selecting the right filter media

2.Reasonable structural design

3.Rigorous American imported process

4.Exquisite sewing technology

In the actual application, there should be a correct understanding of the use method, in order to ensure the service life of the filter bag

Bag performance table:

Fiber layer / Scrim Continue Temperature Max Temperature Finished Resistance to Abrasion Resistance to Hydrolysis Resistance to Acids Resistance to Alkalis Resistance to Oxidation
Polyester / Polyester 130 150 Singe ,Glaze Heatset excellent poor moderate poor good
PPS+PTFE/ PTFE 160 210  PTFE finished good excellent excellent excellent poor
Aramid / Aramid 200 220  Heatset , singed and glazed good moderate moderate moderate moderate
Polyester / Polyester 130 150  Laminated PTFE membrane excellent poor moderate poor good
Polyester / Polyester + conductive fiber 130 150 Water and oil repellent excellent poor moderate poor good
PPS / PPS 160 200 Lamination PTFE finished good excellent excellent excellent poor
PTFE/ PTFE 240 260 Laminate membrane good excellent excellent excellent excellent
Fiberglass composite/fiberglass 240 260 PTFE finished poor good moderate poor good

Customization of filter bags

In order to clarify customer needs, when customizing non-standard filter bags, please inform us of the necessary information:

1.The installation form of filter bag

2. The material characteristics of the filter bag requirements

3. The diameter and thickness of the porous plate for filter bag installation

4. Filter bag specifications


Method of Proper Application Installation of outward filter bag:

Dag mouth is fixed and sealed reliably to the perforated plate;

Filter bag is hung vertically under theperforated plate;

Two adjacent filter bags shall not touch each other;

Filter bag shall fit the frames, and theframes shall be straight without any burrs;

Installation of inward filter bag:

1.Filter bas has cap at upper end and is hung to the cross bam of dust collector via hanging devices, while the upper cap can be fixed to below bag and sealed reliably;

2.All fittings (collapse –proof ring) shall be installed properly and none shall have burrs or be damaged.

3.In filter bag installation, adjust the installation tension until the specified values, so that the filter bag will not get loose or drop off in the filtration and reverse blowing processes. The tension shall bereajusted once during the first week application and after one month application;

filter bag

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