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Bag filter cage for dust collector


Additional information

Vertical Wires

10, 12, 20, 5, 6, 8, 16, 24

Wire Gauges

10, 11, 12, 7, 9, 13

Cage Shape


Cage Top Styles

Rolled Flange (Turned Down Flange),Split Collar (Rolled Band),Slotted,All Wire,Split Ring

Cage Bottom Styles

Welded,Crimped,Snap,Wire Formed


Aluminum, Carbon steel, Galvanized and Stainless steel,Attached (riveted) or drop-in/removable designs,Lengths: 3''-6''

Product Details:

Every frame we make can meet the requirements of light, smooth and straight. The frame is the rib of the filter bag, it should be light, easy to install and maintain, smooth and straight so that the filter bag is not damaged, prolonging the service life of the filter bag.

Reegaa is committed to provide the highest quality filtration products and the most suitable solutions for different application needs from global customers . Reegaa offers products to meet all baghouse needs for global customers, main products contain:

1) Dust Filter Bags: PP, Polyester, Polyester Antistatic, Polyester Waterproof & Oil Repellent Antistatic, PPS, Aromatic Polyamideimide(P84), Acrylic, Nomex, Glass Fiber, FMS, PTFE needle felt dust filter bags.

2) Liquid Filteration: PP/PE/Nylon filter bags, PP melt blown filter cartridges, string wound filter cartridges, membrane pleated cartridges, activated carbon filters and filter housing etc.

3) Baghouse Parts & Accessories: Cartridge Filters, Filter Cages, Filter Press Plates, Air Slide Fabric, Conveyor Parts, Fiberglass Thread, PTFE Sewing Thread, Venturies, etc.

Reegaa is trying best to take away dust from air, to promote the development of environmental protection, and to serve the companies who need bag filter system parts and related products.

Interface of segment frames:

due to limitations of site and plant height, some frames shall be separated into two or three segments and then connected for equipment installation and replacement. Therefore, we can provide several interfaces for segment frames.

bag cages


Shape  Round, oval, flat, envelope-shaped, and other skeletons   customized according to customer requirements.
Specification  Diameter 115 120 125 140 145 150 length according to   customer requirements.
Structure  There are reasonable structural methods such as multi-   section, venturi, protective short tube, down-loading type,   plug-in type, and chuck type.
Surface Treatment  There are galvanizing, plastic spraying, anti-corrosion   treatment, surface silicone spraying and so on. The   surface silicone coating is particularly suitable for dust   collector applications in large generator sets.
Applications  Widely used in metallurgy, building materials, power   generation, chemical industry, food, waste incinerator and   other industries.
Materials/Finishes Carbon Steel/Mild Steel,Galvanized Steel,304 Stainless Steel,316 Stainless Steel,Epoxy Coated (High Temp <325),Inconnel 600 or 601

Please inform us the following items in your frames orders, so that we can provide a better design to meet your needs:

1.Material, length and diameter of filter bag cages;

2.Joint types;

3. Wire diameter and roads quantity of the cages;

4.The requirements of surface treatment;

5.Tube sheet diameter;

6.The requirements of packing;

7.Any other special requirement.




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